Leading causes of truck breakdown

Motor vehicles are complex machines that a single malfunction can cause to get on the side of the road calling a towing company for help. It becomes a more tiresome hassle if you get a breakdown with a full load at the back which you need to deliver within a specified period. However, getting a clear understanding of the common reasons for vehicle breakdowns can help you these problems. Timely maintenance of your truck is essential to avoiding most causes of failures. Here are the most common causes of vehicle breakdowns in the transport industry.

Tire problems

Tire problems account for a great percentage of vehicle breakdowns. Since they are the only parts of your truck that get in contact with the ground, you should ensure they are always in, right shape. Tire and wheel problems can make your vehicle to lose control, putting yourself and other people on the road in danger. Ensure a regular check on your tires to see that they have adequate tread and pressure.


Brakes are one of the most crucial components of your vehicle for safety. Brake problems are likely to draw an out-of-service citation, and therefore you need to call-out before the truck is moved. Some of the causes of brake problems include air pressure leakage, internal water, and contamination in air supply and control system, external contamination and corrosion, oil passing from compressor among others. You should have regular brake inspections and service with the original equipment manufacturer components to prevent such brake breakdowns.


Fuel problems are among common causes of breakdown although they are avoidable. Some vehicles run out fuel while others get filled up with the wrong type of fuel. If you fill your car with the wrong fuel, call your breakdown provider to tow your vehicle for drainage at a garage. Ensure you fuel up your car before going for your journey.


Your battery is the power source for your car, and therefore any problems with the battery will often lead to vehicle breakdown. The average life of a battery is between three to five years. However, this time can be shorter if you mostly drive in extreme cold or high heat. One way of preventing battery faults is ensuring you turn off everything in the car when you leave to avoid battery draining. Moreover, you should protect the battery terminal from corrosion.

cooling system.

The cooling system includes the radiator, fan and water pump. Most issues with the cooling system result from connection problems. The more connections you have in your truck, the greater the likelihood of the loss of coolant. The driver vehicle inspection report is one way to identify problems with your coolant.