Ways to Become a Better Driver

Better DriverThe days of rude driving most occurring from tow truck drivers among other road users are long gone. We have now entered an era of safe driving powered by common sense and technology. When you get behind the wheels of a car, you have to do more than just watching the road in front of you. You have to keep an eye on the flow of traffic, be it people or vehicles around you. When you take a defensive approach to driving, you are helping yourself from getting into accidents or altercations with other road users.

To be safe while on the road, here are some essential and defensive approaches you need to take while on the street.


Know Your Car

Cars comprise of different electrical and mechanical components, and you need to know the function of each. The best way to know about the functionalities of a vehicle is to refer the user manual. Take your car out and see how it reacts under different conditions be it slowing down, braking, under rain or snow. Very few people can predict how their vehicles operate when under adverse conditions.


Assume Every Driver is not as Good as You

Safe DrivingWhile on the road, always assume that other drivers are not as good as you are. Never think that other drivers know what they are doing. Blunders are common, and you should at all times expect the worst. Even when going through the green light, you have to watch the other drivers. Keep a keen eye on all potential dangers ahead of you. Watch behind you for fast approaching cars and for drivers who just do not follow the rules of the road. If it is possible, get into a compromising situation to avoid the occurrence of accidents. Remember to signal or warn other drivers for their lousy road usage, as many get away with their mistakes due to lack of correction.


Keep an Open Eye

Keeping a visual scan involves watching where you’re going as well as your side and behind you. It is a great and noble idea to read road signs and lane markings to obey them. Always keep the correct lane and exercise caution while overtaking. Every time before changing lanes, check for blind spots and move into proper lanes if you are at the intersection. Additionally, watch for potential road hazards such as potholes, stalled vehicles, and construction zones. Beware of large trucks on the road that may be passing.